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Rachel Scott's Tunes and Thoughts

Yesssss cannot wait to see Colbie on Saturday!!! :D

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Tagged as: music, spotify,

jamming away on this beautiful sunny day!

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Had an awesome time at the Akron zoo with the family! :D

The happy couple


Yesssss my favorite movie is on!!! :D

Sooooo ready for her concert next month!!!!! :D

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It has been quite some time since I released anything new. I’ve done a whole lot of soul searching and vocal training over the past six months and I believe I have figured out the kind of music I want to make and what direction I’m heading in.(: I hope you enjoy this rough demo of one of my new favorite songs!


Do what you love. Do what makes you smile. Do what makes you happy.

Rachel Scott 21 years young Musician/Writer/Superhero :)

music is my life. i honestly do not know where i would be without it. I play acoustic guitar and sing. you guys should check out my Youtube channel if you're interested in hearing my tunes and covers! :D

My Username is: RachyyNicole
Or if you're too lazy to look that up I attached the link below :p

My blog consists of a lot of photography, music and things I find interesting/funny. No particular theme, just the sheer things in life I enjoy :) Feel free to follow! I sometimes post my music that I would love for you guys to check out. Keep your eyes peeled :3

Matthew 6:26 (The verse that always reminds me that God is watching over me.)

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