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Monastero Santa Rosa: The Stunning Italian Hotel

After my Cali trip, this needs to be my next destination!!


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Rachel Scott 21 years young Musician/Writer/Superhero :)

music is my life. i honestly do not know where i would be without it. I play acoustic guitar and sing. you guys should check out my Youtube channel if you're interested in hearing my tunes and covers! :D

My Username is: RachyyNicole
Or if you're too lazy to look that up I attached the link below :p

My blog consists of a lot of photography, music and things I find interesting/funny. No particular theme, just the sheer things in life I enjoy :) Feel free to follow! I sometimes post my music that I would love for you guys to check out. Keep your eyes peeled :3

Matthew 6:26 (The verse that always reminds me that God is watching over me.)

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